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Wine from Liguria

Wine from Liguria Wine from Liguria

Along the Gulf of Genoa there is located the second smallest wine-growing region of Italy. Ligurian wines are secret and outside the country's borders they are rarely appear. Since the steep slopes on the Ligurian coast are difficult to manage there are often only small quantities of wine produced and sold on the spot. Nevertheless, Liguria from La Spezia to Ventimiglia along the Riviera has more than 600 wineries. Genoa is the centre of Liguria and in the Middle Ages it was an important transshipment point of wine. At the Ligurian Riviera to the west of Genoa the mature dry and spicy Pigatoreben is produced. Who spends holiday here gets the opportunity to purchase truly top-quality wines. The cozy wine bars offer great variety of tastes. There is also a nice accommodation offered here.

Even in ancient times people were impressed by the wines which were made in the Cinque Terre region, near the town of La Spezia. The vineyards here are so steep that they are accessible only by boat. The popular white wines are the sweet Sciacchetra and dry straw-yellow CinqueTerre.

In heights of up to 600 meters above the Nerviatal mature highly aromatic wines are produced since 16th century. The ruby Dolce Aqua Rossese was Napoleon's favorite wine.

The travel to the wine country of Liguria also promises an insight into the traditions of this region. Each wine has its own history, which is often told the tourists. Many DOC wines carry the label and its producers are proud of it. Walks through the vineyards offer wonderful views of the Mediterranean. In the quaint inns are served regional specialties from fish, pasta, vegetables and herbs. The most famous wine is the Ligurian white Vermentino that perfectly fits all Mediterranean dishes with its youth and liveliness.

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