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Liguria: Cervo

Liguria is a region where you can relax all the year round. The specific combined climatic conditions of the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps provide the third Italian province with very favorable Mediterranean climate and with almost 300 sunny days per year. That is why nearly eighty percent of flowers which are sold in Italy are grown here. The slopes of the Ligurian hinterland are covered by the olives.

Ligurian banks have been among the most preferred tourist destinations for many years. Such cities as Alassio, Bordighera, Portofino or Diano Marina are very familiar to many tourists. The beautiful regions of Riviera, Palm Riviera or Cinque Terre now have tourism as the main source of the income. On the one hand the romantically-harsh hinterland in the Alps and the gently rising hillsides offer very few opportunities for agriculture but on the other hand there are a lot of places for those who prefer hiking and who are interested in the culture.

However, the times when cheap family rest was available only in summer months, especially in the vacation season, are over. There are lots of discussions about the prices but it’s not worth speaking about a cheap holiday.

Our site wants to be a travel guide along the territory of Liguria. You may not only discover its sights but also find some information about its accommodation: besides the hotels Liguria offers favorable holiday houses and apartments in some coastal regions. You are welcome to Liguria to enjoy the rest here.

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Genoa goes to Venice to win the regatta of ancient maritime republics
Genoa, Venice, Pisa and Amalfi are going to compete for the first place in the regatta of ancient maritime republics, which this year will be held on June 12 in Venice. The regatta is preceded by a spectacular large-scale Italian costumed show.
In Genoa will be opened a submarine museum
At the beginning of 2010 in Genoa will be opened a new sea museum. The exhibits will be placed inside the S-518 Nazario Sauro submarine. This will be the first water museum in Italy.
San Miniato will host the White Truffle Festival
Truffle Festival’s visitors will be able to taste the truffles with Italian wine, grappa, cheese and snails.

Travel Guide to Liguria

Traveling in small Liguria region promises many pleasant impressions. And it doesn’t really matter, whether you have chosen a hotel or a vacation rental for accommodation. Recreation in Liguria is good in every way, and you can find more about it at