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Albenga is one of the most beautiful small towns in the province of Savona in Italy. Because of its fantastic location it is not surprising that in the second century BC the Roman settlement “Albium Ingaunum” was built here. And very soon it evolved into a big town.
The architecture of Albenga goes back to the golden age of the Middle Ages. Wonderful small houses, villas and palaces delight tourists from all over the world.

One of the most beautiful places is Piazza San Michele which is the city centre. There is the town hall here, an imposing building, and the Palazzo Peloso Cepolla. Their history began in the early Renaissance as well as the history of the tower built in the 13th century.

Not far from here the Romanesque-Gothic Cathedral with its magnificent jewels is situated. These jewels can also be seen in the museums of Albenga. The City Museum includes a significant collection of archaeological findings. The other interesting museums are the Maritime Museum, the Museum of Prehistory and the Romans. It is situated in the former bishop palace and is worth a visit.

Albenga is famous not only for its splendid buildings and cultural places. It is an ideal place to spend your unforgettable holiday. Pleasant sand and azure sea will delight hearts of grown-ups and children. The beach is also popular with divers: the underwater world around Albenga is a veritable treasure chest.

One more advantage of Albenga is its convenient location. You can get there by the highroads 1 or A 10. While spending vacation in Albenga, visit also such places as Alassio, Amasco, Ceriale, Cisano sul Neva, Ortovero and Villanova d`Albenga. Olive trees and marvelous vineyards make the landscape of this part of Liguria unique. Mild climate of Albenga also contributes to visiting this town.


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