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Savona Province

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The Italian province of Savona is situated in the region of Liguria on the North-Western coast of Italy. Savona, the capital of the region of Savona, is the home to around 60,000 residents who live mostly on tourism and port. The port of Savona is the major transportation hub for ferries in the Mediterranean. The well-known cruise company Costa has one of its major cruise terminals for cruises in the Mediterranean.

Planted palm trees along the coast remember about the holiday in the tropical climes as a wonderful relic of the past. The coastal section of the border with the region of Imperia up to Genoa called Riviera because of many palms Riviera. A trip to the province of Savona is a meeting with the unspoiled nature in the well-known nature reserves Loanese, Val Bormida, Parco del Beigua and Alpi del Savonese and Finalese. Even a marine nature reserve in the Gulf of Genoa can be a real experience after the relaxing holiday at the Mediterranean seaside in Sardinia. Also you will be offered watching whale tours from.

The province of Savona has always been a place where life is really good. Ancient cave drawings, for instance, in the grotto of Toirano, prove that people lived here long time ago. Nowadays the region of Savona in Liguria is very important for tourism. Places like Alassio, Albenga, Albisola Superiore, Cairo Montenotte, Finale Ligure, Loano Varazze are the synonym for an excellent vacation in the cottage at the romantic Ligurian coast.


Alassio is a beautiful place in Liguria. It is situated on a wonderful coast of the Italian Riviera delle Palme. Its beautiful nature is worth...


Albenga is one of the most beautiful small towns in the province of Savona in Italy. Because of its fantastic location it is not surprising that...

Albisola Superiore

The town of Albisola Superiore in the area of Savona is characterized by the magnificent Baroque gardens of the Villa Gavotti. Here you can have a...


Andora is an ancient and lively city in Liguria. Life in Andora is mainly connected with the sea. Everyone who spends his vocation in this...
Cairo Montenotte

Cairo Montenotte

The Italian province of Savona is the home to many beautiful places which stretch through the hilly landscape or settle in the Riviera. This...


There are many coastal towns that provide with an excellent holiday in the region of Liguria. Ceriale is such a beautiful place, which is popular...
Finale Ligure

Finale Ligure

The extensive community of Finale Ligure is located on the picturesque Riviera delle Palme, on the western section of the Ligurian coast of...


The Palm Riviera is a beautiful part of Liguria. Here is the town of Loano located about 40 kilometers away from the Imperia. In this village in...
Pietra Ligure - Liguria

Pietra Ligure

Pietra Ligure is one of those places in the province of Savona, Liguria which surprises by its peculiarity and beauty. Ever from many points view...


Quiliano is called the pearl of Liguria. The region of Liguria belongs to Italy and is in the north-west of the country. The province of Savona...


Savona is an Italian place in the region of Liguria, and also the capital of the province of Savona. Savona has more than 60,000 inhabitants....

Vado Ligure

Vado Ligure with its population of around 8,500 is located in the Italian province of Savona. It is not only a significant industrial town but...


Varazze is a small city in the Liguria region located to the west of Genoa. Even on the way to this beautiful city charming hill avenues, large...


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