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Pietra Ligure

Pietra Ligure - Liguria Pietra Ligure - Liguria
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Pietra Ligure is one of those places in the province of Savona, Liguria which surprises by its peculiarity and beauty. Ever from many points view this place is just what is needed for a good holiday. This wonderful Ligurian city got its name from the limestone cliff located not far from the sea. Long time ago, probably, in the early Middle Ages, there was a small settlement here. A greater part of the settlement preserved until nowadays and now it forms the charming old city where you can stroll for hours. Alongside with this, it is possible to get excited with numerous sights and places here. These include magnificent villas and buildings from the Middle Ages and the early 18th century. An important example is the Palazzo Leale-Franchelli with its beautiful frescoes and a collection of porcelain houses. There are two churches in the old town i.e. the parish church of Saint Nicholas of Bari from the Baroque period and the Annunziata church. Not to be forgotten are the beautiful old springs which give the village an additional charm. They are a popular meeting place particularly with the young people. The Pietra Ligure beach enriches the holidays in Liguria. Visitors from near and far enjoy the beautiful views and wonderful sand. After a day at the beach, you can get back to the accommodation or relax in the city. The forests in Pietra Ligure makes a large contribution to the air quality and provide you with an enchanting sight.

Such neighbouring communities as Bardineto, Boissano, Borgio Verezzi, Giustenice, Loano and Tovo San Giacomo are worth a visit. They can be partially reached by one of those nice hiking trails. The climate in the area around Pietra Ligure is very mild, so you can spend a relaxing holiday here all year round. The nature is especially nice in spring and in the months of September and October.

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