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Whale Watching in Liguria

Whale Watching in Liguria Whale Watching in Liguria

Whale-watching off the coast of Liguria: those decide to spend a beach vacation in the Northwest Italy on the Gulf of Genoa can find the Italian Liguria Province as an option. The land discussed is a strip of land that consisting of the combination of scenic mountains, the Ligurian Alps and extensive beaches andliving due to tourism in the region.

One of the biggest tourist attractions for a beach vacation is the Whale Watching tours. The Gulf of Genoa belongs to an internationally protected area since 1999 as it is here whales and dolphins can be observed in their natural habitat. Whales or dolphins is a lasting memory not only for children but for adults as well.

During the peak season from early June to mid-September daily tours are offered from the cities of Imperia or Andorra. Both locations are on the Riviera, the westernmost section of Liguria. Because of an increase in demand for whale watching tours in the recent years it is absolutely necessary to book the tickets in advance.

Some conservationists consider whale watching tours to be the motorized intrusion of people into habitat of whales and dolphins and highly criticize them. They believe such tours should be done only in the presence of academic biologists. The combination of tourism and research is always fruitful for all the parties due to the ex-change of the information. It is strictly limited according to compliance with international norms. Due to these standards the animals in their natural habitat are disturbed as less as possible.

The Whale Watching in the waters of the Ligurian coast usually takes about 5 hours. As with any tour of the wildlife there is a low risk that the captain must cancel the trip because of the weather conditions. Moreover, in eight to ten percent of all cases occurs that no marine mammals do not appear in the target before the ship. However, even in this case the cruise itself will remain a variety of travel experience.

Photo: Marina Naidion


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