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Ligurian Ports

Ligurian Ports Port in Genoa, Liguria
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The biggest ferry port of Liguria is located in the historic city of Genoa. The ferries go to all possible destinations around the Mediterranean. It is the nearest ferry port for the tourists from Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

The other Ligurian ferry port of Savona is located about 45 kilometers from Genoa. If you have time you are highly advised to spend at least one or two days in Savona before the departure to the ferry. You will easily find the right accommodation here. Surrounded by the foothills of the Alps and the seacoast, it is a perfect place for practicing wind surfing, sailing and diving. The ferry port itself is an excellent starting point for daily trips between Italy and Corsica.

Ferries from Sardinia to Genoa go at night and in the day time. One of the most popular ferry destinations is the Sicily. A journey along the Italian “boot” will be more expensive for you than a trip by ferry. Even though the ferries are not cheap, they are a real alternative. If you take into account all the expenses you will see that your trip by ferry can be much cheaper than your trip by car. Besides, you will make your contribution into the environment protection.

Other ferries sail on the Mediterranean in the direction of Corsica and other Italian and French islands. No matter where the journey goes to it's a small financial investment holiday. As there are different individual shipping companies, their ships are so different in prices. A true tariff jungle expects the holidaymakers when searching for a suitable company. It is really not easy to find a suitable ferry at the best time. And, of course, it is also important to book the ferry in time because at certain times they all are fully occupied.

The two ferry ports of Liguria are easily reached, but it is not always easy to find the right ferry. So it is highly recommended to book your trip by ferry in advance.

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