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A new bike Riviera has been opened in Liguria

A new bike Riviera has been opened in Liguria
A new bike Riviera has been opened in Liguria

Cycling is becoming increasingly popular every year. On a bike you can see men and women of all ages. This type of transport is very convenient and does not pollute the environment. The bike is chosen by people who prefer to lead an active life, striving to maintain their body in tone and of course to enjoy the natural beauty surrounding them while riding.

Liguria has a lot of bicycle tracks and interesting routes, worthy of visiting. 2009 gave the of fans riding a new cycling track. It is also suitable for fans of hiking and jogging.

Ligurian old railway line has been converted into a 24-km cycling track, which stretches along the western coast of the village Ospedaletti to the town of San Lorenzo. After opening in 1872 of the first railway line linking France and Italy, many people began to visit Liguria. But trains passing along the coast has cut off the medieval town from the coast, thereby prevented the development of this beautiful natural area. But now the railroad has been replaced, and people have gained access to the luxurious Riviera beaches, which are located only 5 kilometers from the new cycling track. This part of the Mediterranean is also the largest habitat on the number of whales and dolphins.

By choosing for the rest new cycling Riviera you will secure a stunningly interesting vacation as the way passes through the amazingly beautiful city of San Remo, as well as eight fishing villages of major historical significance.

Throughout the way you can find a cozy place to drink good wine and taste the refined Italian cuisine. If you are planning a trip with long stopovers in different places, then your can rent a wide range of apartments and houses for one day. In any town or village you will pass are organized various recreational activities for adults and children. You can always stop to rest, swim and lay on a warm sandy beach. This unique route is ideal for active family vacation.

And if you did not plan, but want to ride a bike in any place, you can rent it by paying approximately € 5 per hour of pleasure.

The project for construction of the bicycle track has not yet been completed. By 2010 it is planned to make about 70 kilometers of Ligurian Riviera. So come to Liguria, ride and have pleasure from holiday!

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Date: 20/05/2009

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