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Star classification of beaches in Liguria

Beaches in Liguria
The beach in Alassio, Liguria

Every year, millions of families while planning their vacation in Liguria think not only about the place for recreation, travel cost, but also that the conditions of their stay at Ligurian resort will be at a high level. They want the price to match the quality of services provided, and nothing could mar the long-awaited vacation.

Many people during the vacation are planning to make a variety of interesting excursions to the historic cities of Liguria, but almost everyone hopes to get away from home and business routine and during the vacation to lie on the azure beaches of Liguria, basking in the rays of the caressing sun and splashing in the clean sea water.

To facilitate the choice of the resort, in Liguria will be introduced star classification of beaches. Now are being developed the criteria by which beaches will be awarded from one to five sea stars. As is the case with hotels of Liguria, the higher the level of services provided, the more stars the hotel will hold. And this, of course, will make effect on the number of guests. The development of the classification plan is to be completed before 2010. Before the beach season the tourist agencies of Liguria have time to improve service quality and bring the beaches in compliance with the requirements of the new star classification. Thanks to this innovation while planning beach holiday in Liguria it will help to avoid unpleasant experiences associated with the lack of quality of services promised by tour operators.

Ligurian Riviera is divided into two coasts: the western - Riviera di Ponente and eastern - Riviera di Levante. On the west coast dominate by sandy beaches. The most popular resorts are Diano Marina, Alassio, San Remo, Bordighera, Pietra Ligure.

On the eastern Riviera di Levante in great demand are such resorts as Portofino, Camogli, Santa Margherita Ligure, Rapallo. Riviera di Levante has a rocky terrain and pebble beaches. There are many small fishing villages and picturesque bays.

In Liguria there are little free beaches. At most beaches the entrance is paid, there you can take your umbrellas and sun beds. There are also private beaches belonging to some elite hotels. They are free, but available only to hotel guests.

Photo: Rainer Lenk

Date: 28/09/2009

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