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Arenzano is a small town in the region of Liguria. Everyone can spend his vacation according to his wishes. Arenzano is the first resort of the western Riviera, "the Riviera di Ponente ligure". A beautiful sandy beach and the blue sea are offered all day long for the tourists. One of the special features of the town is sand walking especially in the evening hours. The sunrise and sunset here will fill the tourists with unforgettable impressions. The waterfront promenade is continued by the crooked alleys of the town. Not far from the coast there are located the major attractions.

One of them is a house of God built in the 18th century: “the Church of Saints Nazario and Celso". Even its facade offers a magnificent view. Its great interior decorations are typical for the baroque style. But it is only a piece of the many attractions of the city. Many historic buildings, villas and palaces that fill the alleys and streets fit well into the cityscape with modern buildings. Another noteworthy church is the Church of San Bartolomeo that has the jewelry of the 16th century. The silence reigns here and attracts the lovers of tranquillity.

In addition to the buildings there are located wonderful parks and alleys, which invite tourists to have a rest from the daily routine. The city park is a popular meeting place for young and old people. There can also be found the magnificent Villa Pallavicini-Negrotto Cambiaso built in the 16th century. One of the most beautiful historic buildings include Villa Maddalena and Villa Figoli.

In Arrenzano tourists can easily book an accommodation for their own taste and budget. The majority of hotels and hostels offer well-equipped rooms. Even holiday houses and apartments are available in sufficient number. After the vacations in Arenzano tourists feel relaxed and recovered and return to their homes with myriads of new impressions.


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