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Camporosso Camporosso
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The place of Camporosso is perfectly imbedded in the Nerviatal region. Even in Roman times it was known for its beautiful oleander trees and reddish earth. The color of the surface is one of the possible versions of Camporosso name origin. It is a comfortable, rustic-minded place, in which tourists can have a relaxing holiday. Among the attractions there are some charming churches, for example, the remains of the church of San Pietro in the form of frescoes, a fascinating bell tower and an apse from the Romanesque period. The church was also the original centre of Camporosso. The Parish Church of San Marco Evangelista is a very special work of art. There are some rare historical houses such as an altarpiece by Stefano Andrechi of the 16th century and a splendid triangular bell tower. A few houses away is located the Library of Doria with historical writings, the oldest of which dates back to the 15th century.

In Camporosso there are many accommodations and vacation home offers that will provide for a wonderful holiday alongside with the beauty of the region. In addition, restaurants serve such culinary delights and specialities of this area as freshly produced wines and delicious fried ravioli with pumpkin. One of the biggest cultural events takes place in honor of St Sebastian, the patron of the whole community. Locals and visitors like this big celebration with a solemn procession that takes place every year on January 23.

Not far from Camporosso starts the "Alta Via dei Liguri Monti". It is a significant hiking trail of Liguria. Even the neighboring towns of Bordighera, Ventimiglia and San Remo are recommended for the excursions. Besides, the first one is a name of the motorway slip road for all the persons who get here on their vacations by car. Even during the arrival tourists get acquainted and fell in love with the perfect local landscape.

Photo: Rainer Lenk


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