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Bordighera Bordighera
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Bordighera is known for its fields of flowers (roses, carnations), a variety of Mediterranean flora and microclimatic conditions. The average maximum temperature in Bordighera is 19.8 ° C and the minimum temperature is 15.2 ° C, the average sunshine time is 8 hours per day.

Bordighera is divided into the Old and New parts. The Old City, built on the Cape of San Ampelio, has such remarkable sights as the historic city wall with its three city gates and the parish church of Santa Maria Magdalena built in 1617. In addition, there is located the City Hall on the Piazza del Popolo built in 1870 by Charles Garnier. After the narrow and crooked streets on the way to the eastern city entrance is located the Chapel of San Ampelio. It is considered that the hermit brought here the palm seeds from Egypt, that’s why since 1586 Bordighera has the privilege to deliver the palm leaves for the Palm Sunday procession in Vatican. The New Town is the town of hotels and villas. Here is also located the noteworthy Bicknell Museum, founded by the English naturalist Clarence Bicknell.

Being a popular tourist destination Bordighera has many hotels of all levels. The most prestigious are Villa Elisa or Napoleon. The offer of holiday houses or apartments is very poor, they are more usually offered in the vicinity. The Tourist Office is the best starting point (Via Roberto 1, Tel: +39 0184-262322) for the holiday here. In Bordighera a weekly market at the market hall is held every day except for Sunday. In addition, every Thursday there is organized the market at Lungomare Argentina.

The beach of Bordighera is suitable for swimming, surfing, water-skiing, wakeboarding and diving. However, it is a pebble beach. Sand beaches are located in San Remo and the French city of Menton (about 12 miles away). At night there are held promenades and discos on the beach. Other entertainments such as cinema, theater, opera or casino can be found in San Remo or Monte Carlo.

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