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San Bartolomeo al Mare

San Bartolomeo al Mare San Bartolomeo al Mare
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San Bartolomeo al Mare is an Italian coastal city, which is located on the west coast of the Liguria region, along the flower Riviera dei Fiori. San Bartolomeo al Mare belongs to the province of Imperia. It can be easily reached by all means of transport thanks to its central location close to the major cities along the Ligurian Sea. It is not difficult to find a house or an apartment here. After that tourists can enjoy the sights of San Bartolomeo al Mare and explore the area.

On the west side of San Bartolomeo al Mare is located the Steria Valley which is famous for its rich production of high-quality extra virgin olive oil. The modern city of San Bartolomeo al Mare is increasingly developing along the coast and includes a wide and sunny promenade which is very much alive in the summer months, when San Bartolomeo al Mare receives many tourists at its numerous hotels, villas and campsites. San Bartolomeo al Mare is well equipped with beaches for sunbathing and swimming. There are several sport centers, which are located near the renowned typical Ligurian restaurants.

Little farther from the coast of San Bartolomeo is situated the old hamlets of Rovere and Poiolo. The first one got its name from the sanctuary Della Rovere, a major religious site in the western Liguria. The neoclassical facade is a longitudinal apse of the church nave and two minor ships. Outside the church there is a bell tower and the gate with bas-relief. In the church are kept many icons of the Virgin Mary. In the environs can be found the traces of old times. After a few archaeological excavations there were found many remnants of Roman antiquity. Apart from the church there is located the baroque oratorio of San Michele, the headquarters of the San Carlo's Order. The villages and hamlets further away from the coast are still waiting to be discovered and form a landscape of plains and hills.

Photo: Rainer Lenk


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