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Ventimiglia Ventimiglia
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Ventimiglia is an interesting North Italian town in the region of Liguria that has a common border with France. It is also a very good seaside resort which is known outside the region. The atmosphere of Ventimiglia together with its proximity to the Ligurian Riviera helps to have a restful and relaxing vacation. Not only beautiful sandy beaches that are located close to the city but also the city of Ventimiglia itself worth visiting.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is the main sight of Ventimiglia. It was founded around 1000. The entire interior enchants the visitors. It keeps many great works of art. A special feature is the octagonal Baptistery and the portal of the 13th century. It is a place of tranquility as well as the church of San Michele, which was established only about 100 years after the cathedral was built.

The city of Ventimiglia combines the old part and the modern that are separated by the river Roia that form its cityscape. The oldest part of the town witnessed the Roman era. A bit higher on the rocky hills of the town there is the medieval district with the parts of the former city wall. Today's Via Garibaldi is the main street of the city leading to its magnificent villas and palaces.

In Ventimiglia is offered the accommodation with comfort and excellent service. Besides, the people here are very hospitable. Every Friday a flower market with interesting regional examples takes place here. A walk through it is a real treat for all the senses. It is also recommended to visit the open-air museum that is located in the east part of the town. There tourists can learn many interesting facts about the history of the city, its region and its people.

The area around Ventimiglia is suitable for interesting trips during which tourists can enjoy the beauty of the hilly landscapes of this part of Liguria.

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