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La Spezia

La Spezia La Spezia
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La Spezia is a major city in the region of Liguria and situated in a beautiful Mediterranean region of Italy, Riviera. La Spezia is not only the capital of the Italian province but also the second largest city in Liguria with more than 90,000 residents. La Spezia is well-protected being an old port town in the Gulf of La Spezia.

La Spezia is more industrially characterized by the large port and impressive dock storages. But there are also quieter parts of the town where holiday makers can find a comfortable holiday house or apartment. Here comes a great number of tourists because of the proximity to the Cinque Terre, the magical 5 villages on the Mediterranean coast. To the east of the metropolis at the mouth of Magra the ruins of the ancient Roman city Luni can be found. And if you ever come here on holidays, you should not miss this attraction in any case. Vacation and recreation can be found not only in La Spezia but in the beautiful villages of Biassa, Campiglia and Marinasco.

Traditionally La Spezia was one of the most important naval bases of the local fleet. These buildings have lost their significance but they are still important in the port region. This place has no special significance for tourists but still here come people who are interested in industrial architecture. Photographers will also find many interesting objects here. There are also modern open-air cafes where you can have a look at many beautiful boats while enjoying the double cappuccino. Those who visited this place at least once will have a lot to tell their friends.

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