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Ortonovo Ortonovo
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Ortonovo is a charming community situated in the Italian province of La Spezia. Surrounded by beautiful hills, olive groves and vineyards this place is made for a relaxing and at the same time enriching holiday. There are two ways through which you can get there. From the very beginning Ortonovo fascinates by its charming situation and its structure. Many attractions are located within the town boarders so big vacationers can enjoy it as well as small ones. The Guinigi Tower can be seen from a distance. Now it is the bell tower of the parish church. In addition, the Sanctuary "Mirteto" and the church of San Martino are worth visiting. This church adorns a grand marble facade. During a tour of the medieval city the guests can discover more jewels. The villas and palaces which have been here for centuries are now taken as the treasure from generation to generation. Alongside with the venerable walls various accommodations for tourists are very well infused into the local picture. In addition, there are numerous holiday houses located directly in the city or in the vicinity.

You can make a great walk in the magical landscape around Ortonovo that will surely allow you to stay in solitude and enjoy the wondeful surroundings. Culture interested guests will be crazy about the "Museo Etnografico". It is located in a former mill, so the building itself is worth a visit. This is also true for the second museum of Ortonovo, the Archaeological Museum, found among the remnants of the old city Luni. The area offers some places and monuments next to the indescribably beautiful landscape. Guests who enjoy discovering the city sights are also offered the major cities of Lucca and Pisa with a number of other historical monuments and buildings. Both are only about an hour away from Ortonovo and can definitely enrich a vacation.



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