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The village of Portovenere is located in the Ligurian Gulf of La Spezia. Defended by the rugged mountains there is an entrance formed to the North from Cinque Terre and is well attended by the vacationers in the context of the place to rent a house. Accommodations in the village are usually fully booked in summer.

Portovenere shows a striking image with high and narrowly spaced houses. In the past they were brightly colored and were used as a line of defense during the Genoese time. Now there are several excellent fish restaurants right on the pier.

It was just a portico of the pier which led up to the village in the Middle Ages. Today visitors also enter the historic village of Portovenere by the Roman gate of 1160.

Among the major attractions in Portovenere are the Church of San Lorenzo built in 1130 and the "Casa del Capitano". The mighty castle Doria stands above the village. It was completed at the end of the 12th century and then it was weaponized.

Right opposite the port of Portovenere there is the Cape Arapaia, where the chapel of San Pietro was built in 6th century. Also outside the town, in the picturesque bay there is the place of excavation of a Roman villa Varignano. A scenic footpath through olive groves and forests leads right to the bay.

The beautiful surroundings of Portovenere can best be explored on boat tours. The conditions for diving are also very good here. In summer the ships sail regularly in the direction of Cinque Terre and the further situated island of Palmaria. It is separated from Portovenere by the narrow straight "Le Bocche". The beautiful caves of Palmaria, such as the "Grotta Azurra", can be reached only by the boat. There are several hiking trails and a popular beach Pozzale on the island.


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