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Sarzana Sarzana
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Sarzana, a beautiful small town in the province of La Spezia, is located on the Magra river and has many unique and wonderful surroundings. Two gorgeous castles form the outlook: the Castruccio Castrani Castle is slightly above the town and overlooks it with gradeur. The Castle Firmafede is situated in the center. Their visiting will be a pleasure for big and small visitors.

Major holidays put the whole city in the mood of celebration. These are, for example, the traditional festival of hazelnut held on the second Sunday before Easter and the holiday of the patron St. Andreas that is celebrated on November, 20. In July "Sconfinando" music festival is worth a visit.

Of course, holidays in Sarzana is recommended at any time of the year. During your first visit to Sarzana you will fell in love with this little town. You should do the sights of all the wonderful historic buildings of the city during your vacation there. The towers of the Ligurian city are clearly seen even from a distance. The San Francesco tower and the Genoese Stella tower stand out from the surrounding houses. They are surrounded by the beautiful villas and palaces such as Neri and the Magni-Griffi Palace. The Podesta-Lucciardi Palace is also offering a fascinating sight. These churches adorn the streets of Sarzana. The gothic-baroque Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is probably the most sacred building. Wonderful paintings decorate its interior. The St. Francis Church and the Capuchin Church invite to stay there for a while as well.

In addition to these beautiful sights, the nature and landscape around Sarzana will turn your staying there into a relaxing and eventful holiday at the same time. Fine sandy beaches invite you to a day at sea. The area around Sarzana is covered with vineyards as it usually is in Liguria. The nearby city of Luni remains from the Roman times. During a trip you will get charmed by little mountain villages that are found in the magical landscape.

Photo: Lapo Luchini /wikipedia free licence


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