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Vezzano Ligure

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The Cinque Terre is known by many. Vezzano Ligure, however, is unknown for most tourists thought it has many advantages. Who wants to have a vacation in the Cinque Terre very quickly understands how difficult and expensive it is to find accommodation there. The few places in the Cinque Terre are small and expensive, overcrowded and still remote. Why not have a beautiful day in the Cinque Terre, and then back into a comfortable affordable accommodation in Vezzano Ligure, the idyllic small town on the outskirts of the Cinque Terre?

Vezzano Ligure is only 7 km from La Spezia, a vibrant city with beautiful markets, museums and pedestrian zone. You can take the train directly to the Cinque Terre from here. It runs regularly between La Spezia, Vezzano Ligure and all the places of the Cinque Terre.

Vezzano Ligure has the charm of the few remaining places in the Liguria. Here the visitor can still experience Italian life as it really is. The old winemakers and olive farmers sit outside in the evening after work with their glass filled while the women chat about the purchases they have made for the house. Those, who want to eat well in the evening in Vezzano Ligure, should visit absolutely beautiful Viandante restaurant located in the old monastery. Besides the Hotel Relais al Convento is a landmark today, too.

For those who prefer Bed & Breakfast, here's a tip: B & B A Nissea has particularly stylish rooms in its beautiful old farmhouse.

Holidays in Vezzano Ligure is particularly recommended in September when there is the great harvest festival. Vezzano Ligure is beautifully decorated, the parades are held, the traditional crafts are shown, and all this is accompanied with the culinary style. Vezzano Ligure is a hot tip on the edge of the Cinque Terre.


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