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Floriculture in Liguria

Floriculture in Liguria Floriculture in Liguria

The fashionable town of San Remo is known not only for its casinos but also for the status of the flower city. It is a home to the botanical garden located in the park of Villa Ormond. Numerous traditional tourist resorts are located along the coastal road Via Aurelia. In front of the Bordighera tunnel can be found the exotic garden of Pallanca that stretches to the sea and has more than 3200 different plant species. Riviera stretches from Ventimiglia on the French side to the end of Cervo located in the province of Imperia. Because of the mild climate the vacations of the dream along with the beautiful scenery is available here at any time of the year. The Mediterranean holiday is so popular here and at the same time this place is a perfect location for the Ligurian floriculture. The floriculture of Liguria became world-famous only due to this favorable climate. In the area around San Remo and Bordighera are grown not only exotic plants but also about 80% of the total Italian flowers.

In San Remo early in the morning in the flower market can be found a dazzling range of colorful flowers. Those who are curious about how such beauty is grown can visit the most famous and avant-garde floriculturists from Albenga. This surely will be a true floriculture vacation experience. Besides, Albenga is a home for such aromatic Ligurian plants as sage, rosemary, basil and lavender.

The Patrucco breeders have a long tradition in family farming of the flowers that enriched Liguria. The famous "Dallas" rose can be found and admired in the rosary of Patrucco located in Diano Castello.

Other botanical peculiarities can also be found in the hinterland of this exotic paradise. There are grown numerous plants gathered from all over the world in the land of about 18 hectares that once belonged to Sir Thomas Hanbury. He brought all these plants here from his numerous trips round the world. In the Hanbury and La Mortola gardens the walks along the greenhouses and seeing the extremely beautiful plants can tell a lot of interesting things about the floriculture in Liguria.

Photo: Rainer Lenk


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