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Economy in Liguria

Economy in Liguria Economy in Liguria

The main source of employment in Liguria is tourism. As the number of tourists increases every year the revenues from it are also growing, so many people now completely make living on tourist reception. There are a lot of offers for holidays and accommodation. Meanwhile, the agrotourism in Liguria is taken hold and it is comparable with the well-known German farm vacation.

But Liguria is also a major industrial place. The reason has a good geographical position near the sea and the quite developed trade relations or the management of the transit traffic.

The largest port of the Mediterranean is Genoa. It is even bigger than the port of Naples. The western part of the port around the suburbs of Sampierdarena is almost exclusively claimed by industrial enterprises. A little less important is Savona shipyards, just like some other small towns along the Ligurian coast. La Spezia is very important for the industry, which also serves as the main military port of Italy.

The textile industry is also very important for the economy of Liguria. Cotton, hemp and jute are the most commonly processed raw materials.

Genoa is very important for food production. There is located , for example, the largest pasta factory throughout Italy. In Lucca Imperia there are very large olive plantations.

Liguria is also very famous for the cultivation of flowers. Characteristic of this is still the name of Riviera. Today tropical plants are brought from the south of the country and grown in Liguria. The residents here are constantly looking for new cultivation in greenhouses.

Another important activity is fishing, especially in the western and eastern Riviera parts. For example, clam breeding is spread in the Gulf of La Spezia.

The crafts have a long tradition in Liguria. The products of ivory, straw and leather are popular throughout the world as well as ceramic products.

Photo: Rainer Lenk

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