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The Sea museum of Genoa

The old port in Genoa is a very interesting place for those who are fond of exotics of the Medieval Italy. There are a lot of sights there, the Sea Museum is one of them. The Sea Museum (Museo del Mare) was opened in 2004 and became one more popular place on the excursion routes round the old Italian city. This modern building made of glass and steel is unique because of both artifacts exhibited there and its great dimensions. The Sea Museum in Genoa is the largest museum of this kind in the Mediterranean region. Besides the Museum in Genoa there are three analogous museums in the world: in London, Stockholm and Barcelona. The total area of the exhibition halls of the Sea Museum in Genoa is more than 10000 sq km.

The Sea Museum in Genoa is also famous as Galata. Galata is the name of the old building of the port dock in Genoa. This building was an ammunition depot of traders and seafarers known all over the medieval Europe. Just from this particular place famous sailors used to leave Genoa and go on trade voyages round the world.

The exposition of the Sea Museum in Genoa tells about the development of sea trade routes, about the interaction between the man and the sea. The oldest exhibits of the museum belong to the latest medieval period. The rich collection consists of more than 6000 exhibits and gives a unique opportunity to follow the progress of the sea exploration starting from the galleons of the epoch of Christopher Columbus and finishing with modern gigantic transatlantic liners. This museum should be visited by those tourists, who are going on a tour to Genoa with children.

Those, who have already decided to visit the Sea Museum, should know that it is open since 10 a.m. till 7.30 p.m. every day for a period since March till October. In the other months of the year it is open till 6.00 p.m. (till 7.30 p.m. on Sundays). Monday is a day off. But in August it works without days off. The museum is situated in the old port of Genoa, its address is Calata del Mare 1 between Darsen street and Via Gramka street.

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