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Specialties from Liguria

Specialties from Liguria Specialties from Liguria

The coastal region of Liguria is located in the northwestern part of Italy. It is characterized by an indescribably beautiful landscape, especially in the coastal region, where there are many beautiful places, small fishing villages as well as larger cities with historic buildings, villas and other interesting places. This can already be described as a specialty of Liguria. The region has a total length of the beaches on the Mediterranean of over 300 kilometers, which means a wonderful sea air and fine sand beaches. On the other hand there is fresh sea fish that is caught daily. As the result, wonderful dishes are certainly to appear here. The Ligurian cuisine is best enjoyed right here. The large and small vineyards invite for a wonderful walk and make a significant contribution to the beauty of the landscape in Liguria. Famous and very tasty wine can be considered as another specialty of the region as they are made just like in the neighboring Tuscany and Piedmont. And the positive aspect of that is the fact that they can be enjoyed all over the world and then it helps people to be a part of Liguria even in foreign countries.

In addition to the vineyards some visitors are enchanted by the fascinating olive trees which help people to enjoy fruits with their bodies and souls. In Liguria grows a large variety of Taggiasca - Olive, from which is also processed an excellent olive oil. In the area around the cities of Imperia and Rapallo is produced the best olive oil.

The Italian cuisine has very delicious spaghetti and pizza that are considered to be the delicate dishes here. There is also one of the most delicious desserts in Liguria and the wonderful biscuits that will not disappoint every tourist.

Perhaps the most famous specialty from the capital of Liguria, Genoa, is "Pesto alla Genovese”. It is a wonderful pesto, which is used in a variety of Italian dishes. It is very famous even within the Italian boarders and is recommended as a popular souvenir from Liguria. So in Liguria, in addition to the beautiful surroundings, there are served the best culinary specialties that will make the trip an unforgettable experience.

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Pesto alla Genovese

Pesto alla Genovese

When one thinks of pesto, he definitely thinks of Liguria with Pesto alla Genovese. This sauce appears right in this region of Italy and...

Taggiasca Olives

Winter time is the time of olives in Liguria. In the morning the mist of winter conjures up uncovering the image of multicolored olive networks...


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