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Taggiasca Olives

Winter time is the time of olives in Liguria. In the morning the mist of winter conjures up uncovering the image of multicolored olive networks among the ancient gnarled trees, it’s really a fairy-tale-like picture. Who then runs through the valleys of Liguria in his vacation, sees olive farmers harvesting on the slopes everywhere. The colored nets are harvested under the trees from November up to March. By Trappa, a stick from the wood of the chestnut, the farmer strikes against the branches of the tree and then traps green and black olives in the nets. And the best ones are the "Taggiasca olives".

The most beautiful journey to the "Taggiasca olives," no matter where your accommodation is, leads from Bordighera past Dolcheaqua with an interesting medieval bridge, and continues up to the Interstate Apricale Melia Valley. Up here, at the Delio restaurant, you can have a delicious stew of kids and white beans, and enjoy the taste of the "Taggiasca olive oil" now.

Here in Apricale, as in other Ligurian valleys, which grow Taggiasca olive the trees can be up to a height of 800 meters. The Taggiasca olive "is" the Ligurian Olive. It is small, almost insignificant, and the result is an aromatic, delicate olive oil, known among the gourmets as the "gold Liguria". The chefs of Liguria use exclusively "Taggiasca olive oil" for fish and salads.

In the small village Lucinasco Impero in the valley Dino Signore Abbo works in his small family farm. He is an artist, a master of hand-drawn oil, produced by each year's olives. The experts call it "Tropfol extra virgin". It is the crowning of the "Taggiasca olive oil" for incomparable taste.

The "street of the Olive" has a history going back to the 14th century. There were Benedictine monks, who cultivated the "Taggiasca olive trees" and brought them to Liguria. The History of "Taggiasca olive" begins in Argentina-beautiful valley, where the Roi oil mill can be found. Also Roi is a magician of olive oil, and in his store there can be the best oil ever. Its high price exceeds some imagination, but the best has just the price.


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