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Tourism Liguria

Tourism in Liguria Tourism in Liguria
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Liguria is a beautiful Italian region and it is not a secret at all that tourism in Liguria plays a great role. Every year many visitors come here from all over the world. Here you will find an indescribably beautiful landscape, people on well-marked bicycle and hiking trails or you can also experience the sea with its beautiful beaches and a coastal landscape of the extra class, warm and hospitable people, and last but not least, the wonderful culinary delights and freshly-made wine. The vast vineyards in the neighboring regions of Tuscany, Emilia-Romana and Piedmont make a big contribution to the beauty and uniqueness of the landscape picture. No matter if the fruits are processed into the juice, wine or just eaten raw, they have the best taste here.

The barren Alps in Liguria made its inhabitants for centuries get only a modest livelihood. For many centuries agriculture in Liguria, combined together with fishing and some other trading positions was a primary income of the region. And this changed only with developing of tourism in the 70’s. The hotels and cottages here fit the city picture and the narrow Ligurian coast. Tourism in Liguria is the main source of income nowadays.

Now the coast of Liguria is among the most popular tourist destinations. It extends to a length of over 300 kilometers along the Mediterranean. It is divided into the Riviera di Ponente in the west and the Riviera di Levante in the east, which are subdivided into the Riviera and the Palm Riviera. Above all, the Riviera is a very popular holiday destination and it makes its name more and more respectable.

The entire coastal area attracts people with its unique charm of picturesque coves and small fishing villages. In comparison with the larger cities there are fewer tourists here. The magnificent architecture, rich history, culture and decorated squares make this place perfect for a calm and relaxing holiday. The larger municipalities of San Remo, La Spezia, Ventimiglia, Alassio, Imperia, Rapallo and Portofino are distributed across the region. Besides, the tourists can spend their time in various restaurants and pizzerias here. The capital of Liguria, Genoa, is usually visited happily by most of the tourists. It has the fascinating Old Town with historic buildings and traditional churches. One more thing, which is especially clearly seen in Liguria region, is the fact that together with the great number of sights and regional attractions, tourism plays one of the first roles here because it’s a very important way of making living for the locals. But together with it a tourist doesn’t feel himself a tourist but a respectable guest. All this makes this part of Italy a wonderful place to explore for everyone.

Photo: Rainer Lenk

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